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(the below text is taken from the booklet 'Is There Really a Moon' by Vincent Flugheim, available from Truth Serum Publications)

Is there really a moon?

You’re probably scoffing right now. “Of course there is, old man” you huff, pointing up at the sky. “Look, there it is right now”. Yes, I can see your bony arm outstretched, jabbing at the vast nothingness above as if your feeble gestures meant anything at all. But I also see the look in your eyes, the small, flickering sense of doubt as you wonder:

Is there really a moon?

I am not a man who is ashamed easily, so I freely admit it: I was once a naïve moon-thinker myself. It’s true—I believed with all my heart that there was a gigantic glowing rock spinning around us in a constant, crazy clip, sometimes “new”, sometimes “full”. It never even occurred to me to not believe it—it was just there, inside me, a feeling almost instinctual— the moon: of course.

Now, did I believe everything about the moon? Good God, no. Far from it. I had even published a story that expressed doubts about the so-called “moon landing” that occurred in the late 60’s. According to the media, the US government built a space ship (just like those old science fiction books!) that blasted off into space, where it sped straight for the moon and made a perfect landing, allowing an astronaut to prance about the lunar surface, ramming flag poles into the ground before flying back to earth, unharmed. Bah. Even a paint-drunk child could ascertain that these so-called “astronauts” were not anywhere near the moon, and in fact never left the earth, as they were huddled in a studio-bunker beneath the Nevada desert, actors in a plot to help Nixon fatten his approval ratings.